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INTERSPEECH is the world’s largest and most comprehensive conference on the science and technology of spoken language processing. INTERSPEECH conferences emphasize interdisciplinary approaches addressing all aspects of speech science and technology, ranging from basic theories to advanced applications.

In 2021, the 22nd INTERSPEECH is held in Brno, Czech Republic. INTERSPEECH originally began in 2000/2001 with Beijing, China in 2000, and Aalborg, Denbank in 2001, after the merging of two international organizations, ESCA: the European Speech Communication Assoc., and PC-ICSLP: the Permanent Council of Inter. Conf. on Spoken Language Processing. The merger of these two organizations unified ISCA as a global organization, dedicated to supporting and promoting the field of speech communications in both scientific foundational advancements as well as technology innovations. Over these past +21 years, ISCA has seen remarkable growth, in terms of our membership, educational and research impact in terms of conferences, workshops, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Distinguished Lecturers (DL) programs, support for diversity across all domains, and community outreach.

Below you can find links to short YouTube videos of the INTERSPEECH2021 Conference Highlights, selected by Seung Hee Yang and Andreas Maier. See the individual video description for a list of selected papers and presentations.

Interspeech 2021 – Conference Highlights – Day 1

Interspeech 2021 – Conference Highlights – Day 2

Interspeech 2021 – Conference Highlights – Day 3